May 29, 2010

Random Tube Music

The Google .com is different from in specifications.
Because I do not understand English, I do not understand it with an art of SEO.
A feel is in a state.

I administer a music delivery site called "Random Tube" according to the title of the blog.
Please come to take it good.
Random Tube

I intend to increase genres a little more.
Because I deliver a Youtube animation, there is sometimes the case that a title is different from a picture in.
Because a general person improves, there is no help for it.

But I think it to be most suitable for BGM as an online radio.
And I love music!!

The Japanese puts an important point only in the text, and most of the important melodies are ignored.
Though I think that how to catch is different by a person, in there, I think that interest goes towards a sound with more grooves or rhythm.
I think that it is essence of the music.

Therefore the Japanese music is a developing.

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