Jul 10, 2010

I do not want to hear the excuse.

I watched the documentary of MLB of the season in 2004.
Authority, Nomo, Ichiro, Matsui, Otsuka, Taguchi.
Mentality is strong in what I am common to these six people and can say.

Of course there were results in the bad time, and there are not Taguchi, Otsuka, the authority in the Major League.
Their spirit still came so as to be too enough for the side to watch.
Even if there is anything, I do not make an excuse.

Oh, I can feel even brighter because I am the people who are truth reverse and can take power.
Upper part of a river 6 was a straight defeat and six times were nice pitching of no point given up today, but a pitcher of the next was hit and was not accompanied by victory or defeat.
Luck is really too bad.

When Kawakami always throws it, a fielder does only an error.
I watched Sheen who fell apart from there many times.
The upper part of a river does not still excuse itself.
I think that there is characteristic.

Even if it is frustrated by a similar, weak team, about Uehara, I turn it down flatly when "oneself who was hit is bad".
It is weed spirit, and it is right a samurai spirit.

As for released Kazuo Matsui, the measure was not correct today.
Originally there was not it with the strong player of the mentality.
I gave glory to a brilliant debut in the New York Mets, but am tattered afterward.
It was the storm of boos in New York (a local stadium).

It and his child cannot be familiar with American life and suffered.
I think that it was hard for him.
When a heart is disturbed, the body is worn out; one season fully only as for can fight there was not stamina.

It is Daisuke Matsuzaka to be the most terrible.
Bali technical center is popular a body very much without matching multi-Victorness,; but seven points given up of Yankees round on the other day.
He did multi-ness criticism indirectly.
It "will torment oneself adversely to have a lot of curve balls". "Multi-that timeness demanded a lead of the curve ball subject.

Matsuzaka waves a neck at a point.
Multi-ness two breathing does not match, and to rush up to a mound.
A mountain of I confirm mutual understanding and enter the sweet course even if I give up a straight, and ringing it repeatedly.
Matsusaka that is dissatisfaction mind if one's condition has bad multi-ness though it was good.

The management of Red Sox is severe, and the staff checks the trend by the exercise the Farrell beginning.
It was an interview of BS, and he complained about it.
When I felt sense of incongruity on a shoulder of the second year, it was similar when I was in DL.

I think that everybody holds the environmental frustration.
But I speak only all, that I advance for press.
However, only Matsusaka is turned over only by "omg" and words of the child.

Okajima who contracted with it with a one-100th amount of money of Matsusaka merely tries a pipe hard without making an excuse.
The pitcher's earned run average is worse than an average year, but it is used in a good scene.
Trust of leaders is hot, and I look, and only it can feel relieved.
But there are many cases that I leave a runner, and a following pitcher is defeated.

The media picking up Matsuzaka of such child is disgusting.
He loses のままだと now.
In fact, his evaluation with the measure is low.
The particularly local paper strongly writes release theory.

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