Sep 13, 2010

Namie Amuro - New Look

Namie Amuro - New Look

I listened to Namie Amuro in one's music site.
After all it never declines.

Though it is not a songwriter, there is a splendid thing in the musical piece that she sings strangely.
It thinks the quality as the singer to have it in spite of being a certain thing.
Of course, not the single music that sold, I like music except it.

It was a straight at the time of Max and the debut that I made, but, on the contrary, I was solid, and it was cool.
But I did not want to recognize it in those days.
Double was Japanese in full-scale R & B, and the R & B of then Amuro was slightly awkward whereas I mixed English and expressed it in natural color.
Double might have broken through, but those those days, English of 98 and real R & B I mingled, and to do may not be originally familiar with the ear of the listener.

As for Double, time at the time of the SACHIKO being on the register roll shined most.
Unfortunately SACHIKO dies with youth of 25 years old for subarachnoid hemorrhage.
I saw and heard TLC and Black Ivory and Double well in MTV.
When it heard an obituary of SACHIKO, it was a shock.

Double of those days and Amuro of these past several years finally link, and it is sent back to cage Kon as an Amuro brand.
After all I am wide and will engage with a musical piece of good quality simply because there is a good singer.
I think that Showa songs and ballads were right so.

Hikaru Utada reduced overseas R & B only in 1st considerably and did it in a Japanese color, and it became prevalent.
However, because the identity that she had was too narrow, Capa did not catch up with it after 2nd and suffered from running out of material after it.
This suggests the limit of the songwriter.
I am affected and have the cord logics of any pattern like a puzzle among oneself.
However, I do not last long because there is just a little the capacity.

It has attacked and sunk it without Ayumi Hamazaki demanded too much the spread, and choosing the means.
Kumi Kouda should have gone by a heel core-like route, but, unfortunately, these three people think that it was lack of force.
That is why the repertory of the musical piece was narrowed and packed too much a computer like a techno reliance like new wave of 80's forcibly.

There will be the brainy person who is excellent for Namie Amuro and a shrewd producer changing the color of the concept every album well.
I think that the place that Amuro can express for it naturally is terrible.
Late; is similar, and seem to function as a team.

I cannot deny the feeling that Utada is overestimated in 1st which decorated Guinness with a personal play although I was able to survive it till now, and was crushed in pressure.
Ability as the singer is poor, and Hamasaki, Koda ran with personality, but can already cut the limit limiter.
Their color should be able to be dyed, but there can be the thing called the Japanese maximum label and thinks the fashion to flesh too much out it, besides, because it is an artist controlling a stock of AVEX.

I heard "New Look", but am splendid.
It seemed to be a remake of the "Baby Love" (1964) of The Supremes, but I thought that it was almost "Getting Better" of Beatles.
A baseline and rhythm resemble it and seem to model it on the condition that stepping is good at phrasing and the rhyme of the vocal line.
A feeling made like that intentionally does it and can have a good feeling adversely.

But the evaluation of Amuro whom the class of public sits on "is beautiful", "a fashion sense is good"; in future except the music is done, and there is much, but I evaluate Namie Amuro as the music.
Of course I met when I thought that I "was terrible" when I suffered.

Namie Amuro - New Look

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