May 29, 2010

Random Tube Music

The Google .com is different from in specifications.
Because I do not understand English, I do not understand it with an art of SEO.
A feel is in a state.

I administer a music delivery site called "Random Tube" according to the title of the blog.
Please come to take it good.
Random Tube

I intend to increase genres a little more.
Because I deliver a Youtube animation, there is sometimes the case that a title is different from a picture in.
Because a general person improves, there is no help for it.

But I think it to be most suitable for BGM as an online radio.
And I love music!!

The Japanese puts an important point only in the text, and most of the important melodies are ignored.
Though I think that how to catch is different by a person, in there, I think that interest goes towards a sound with more grooves or rhythm.
I think that it is essence of the music.

Therefore the Japanese music is a developing.

I want to evolve.

I use the translation tool of Google.
So I think that the style is strangely translated.
Because English is not possible, I have no other choice.

I am a Japanese.
A Japanese thinks the race that cannot speak the English that is this cocant phrase word not to be it.
I am the one, too.

Then the reason is because communication wanted to take it with an overseas person why you reduce it to its lowest terms for English when it says.
However, WEB programming is a hobby.
I depend on "the interface" that most overflowed with a net and.

It is assumed that it is good and little learn English this year.
The reason is because it wanted to add a period to the life that a flow has bad.

Still, Japan has become the bad country.
The Prime Minister behaves suspiciously, and the behind-the-scenes person handling it is a guy such as the pronoun of the corruption.
And it is we nation to have chosen the party.

It is the situation that cannot escape from this difficult maze now even if anyone works as the Prime Minister.
The television drives the nation "only by "the bad times", the bad-mouth of the Prime Minister" every day and adds reality and variety and becomes the trend that is money-making.
Passion and the stoic to have humanity are forgotten with the times.

The trend infiltrated a part, and the crime group which made money easily came out.
It is Japan of now.
Japan called a peaceful nation is an old tale.

Meanwhile, I wait for the day when I can escape from this bad trend.

Thank you for reading bad prose.

May 27, 2010


keiji haino

jazz nowplaying.

The noise that this is art.

May 26, 2010

Little Milton - 'I Can't Quit You Baby'

Little Milton - 'I Can't Quit You Baby'
it's cool.
i think this song is 'Blues' of Jimi Hendrix.

May 23, 2010

Rita Lee - With a Little Help from My Friends

It is a cover of the Beatles.
When it is bossa nova, atmospheres different again are good.
I come to feel good.

Bossa Nova Channel